Airless paint sprayer for hire in Glasgow, Scotland

At A S B (Engineers) Ltd, we have in store for you a wide range of airless spraying products that will cater to all your needs. We also supply HVLP spray guns to commercial customers across Scotland at competitive prices. To find out more, talk to a member of our team today.

Our airless range

Air-assisted airless sprayer
Spray finishing materials in air-assisted airless mode or heavier materials in airless mode. Two sprayers in one!
The FinishPro 395 allows you to spray stains, enamels, varnishes, lacquers, sealers, and other finishing materials at lower pressures in air-assisted airless mode - resulting in an exceptional finish and supporting up to a .021 tip at 3300 psi, allowing you to spray a full range of paints, primers, and other heavier materials in airless mode.
Exclusive pro-connect pump
System attachment
  • New technologies
  • Easy to use features
  • Strong field tested designs
  • More flow
  • Bigger tip size
  • Longer life
Units are supplied with 15m 3/8" bluemax hose and 90 cm whip hose and swivel for comfort spraying as well as the blue texture gun mounted with tip and guard. An accessory box is added for convenient storage of tools, tips, TSL bottle and other accessories.
The Graco Mark V electric powered airless sprayer is the industry standard for professional contractors who spray a full range of coatings on industrial, commercial and residential jobs.
Powered by a reliable 16 amp 1.6 kw electric motor this portable unit will go anywhere and is the ideal unit for airless spray plaster intumescents and much more.
St Max 395
Start-up range of sprayers for professional painting contractors
  • Surely the best value for the weight
  • Graco ‘big’ technologies in a ‘mini’ size
  • Sprays perfectly most interior paints

Our turbine range

High volume low pressure - the clever way to spray! At the heart of every Apollo HVLP system is a powerful and efficient turbine delivering high volume air at low pressure. It’s this massive air volume that atomises the paint not the pressure, so the paint stays on the surface and does not bounce back onto surrounding areas or into the atmosphere.

Easy to spray cleanly, efficiently and achieve a fantastic finish with minimal masking off. And because bounce back is reduced you will save paint and help protect the environment too.
Apollo is perfect where space is limited and for on-site spraying, classic cars, shop fitting, decorating, custom kitchen fitters and bath re-enamellers – anywhere needing clean, hassle-free spray with a great finish!

Pro-spray™ 1500³

Designed for the serious sprayer, this model has a powerful 1500 watt 3 stage turbine and the ability to handle all types of coatings.

The all new ANB300 Proline™ aluminium gun is the ultimate in feel and performance and comes as standard with this model.

Key ANB300 features:

  • “Non Bleed Gun” means air shuts off when the trigger is released - reduces dust lift
  • Stainless Steel Needle and Jet Assembly - essential with water borne coatings.
  • Smooth, controllable trigger action
  • Ergonomic, stay cool handle
  • Adjustable fan pattern from horizontal to vertical and additional spot controller for super fine detail work


Graco’s latest generation of HVLP sprayers was developed with only 1 objective in mind: Make it easy. HVLP spraying possible for everyone, the full professional, as well as the first time user.

“Plug & Spray” we call it. Unpack your unit, fill your material cup, plug the unit and spray! To make it that easy, we needed breakthrough solutions! The HVLP TurboForce sprayers have all the answers.


  • Portable turbine as there is always a fine finish job to do. Outstanding finish quality and excellent spraying control
  • TurboForce™ power to seriously reduce material preparation time and cost
  • TurboForce™ technology. Save on your electricity bill! 
  • Most efficient conversion rate from electrical power to air flow thanks to TurboForce™ technology. Automatic EDGE™ gun that adjusts all the controls by itself and for the way you want to spray

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